Over the past five months, Canine Companions dog Kinkeade has settled into a routine at our Kinkeade Campus to complete his professional training to become an assistance dog. We thought we’d give you a peak into what his days look like. He’s certainly a busy and happy pup!

Each morning, Kinkeade and his fellow professional training dogs wake up and patiently await their breakfast. When they are given the “okay,” they chow down to get their morning off to a good start.

Next, it’s training time. Kinkeade spends most of the day with his trainer learning and perfecting over 40 commands that will help him assist someone with a disability. Most recently, he has worked on tugging open heavy doors. And of course, a human and dog favorite is the “lap” command, which allows time for lots of love.

It’s been said before, the dogs work hard and play hard at the Kinkeade Campus. In between working with his trainer, Kinkeade gets time to relax and play with his friends in the yard. He loves to play chase and fetch his favorite toys.

Since future assistance dogs always need to look and feel their best, they have bath time monthly and general grooming every week. These spa days get the pups squeaky clean and in top condition.

And of course, even with this busy schedule there is always time for naps on big, comfy beds.

After his time in professional training, Kinkeade could be matched with someone with a disability and give them the gift of independence. More volunteer puppy raisers are needed to help prepare pups like Kinkeade for their special futures. If you are interested in raising a puppy, visit cci.org/raise.