Puppy Zari is about to say goodbye!

Zari has been with her volunteer puppy raiser, Laura, for nearly two years now and is getting prepared to turn in for professional training in just a few weeks – on Valentine’s Day! Luckily for Laura, Zari’s little brother, puppy Dom, has plenty of love to give and will be there to help with this bittersweet goodbye.

Zari has mastered all 30 of her puppy commands. Her favorite is the “back” command, where she walks backwards facing her handler, but she performs all her commands very well.

For one of her last adventures, Laura brought Zari along to a friend’s bachelorette party in Palm Springs. There, they relaxed by the pool in the 80 degree weather. Since they were in a rented home, Zari practiced not going swimming, a very good trait for assistance dogs who may have to attend pool parties and other gatherings around bodies of water where they aren’t allowed to swim. Zari relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the sunshine on a beautiful, warm weekend. We don’t want you feeling bad that Zari wasn’t able to swim – this week, she’s headed on a trip to Phoenix to visit friends and swim in their pool! What a lucky pup!

Puppy Dom has a lot of love to give!

Zari’s little brother, Canine Companions puppy Dom, is just over 4 months old and is working on his commands. Currently, he’s mastering “sit,” “down,” “speak,” “quiet,” “kennel,” “let’s go,” “shake” and “bed.” So far, Laura has also taken Dom on a few casual restaurant outings, to work with her and of course, to visit his friends at the local Major League Soccer team he was named for, the Sacramento Republic.

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Dom is getting prepared for his big debut at the Sacramento Republic’s home opener on March 7, and we’re so excited to see what that night will hold!

The team adores puppy Dom and even participated in the recent Dolly Parton challenge on social media.

Watch graduation live!

During this month of celebrating love, there’s really nothing better than a Canine Companions graduation on Valentine’s Day, and we can’t wait to see Zari matriculate! You can tune in on our livestream to watch our ceremony here. Be sure to join us for our next blog to see what Zari’s been learning in professional training and what puppy Dom is up to in Sacramento. For more of adorable puppy Dom, follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

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