Canine Companions puppy Bogo as a tiny puppy in a basketBogo, everyone’s favorite deal at Publix, and Canine Companions® puppy, has grown in great strides while taking part in many adventures.

We are grateful to partner with Publix Super Markets who hold themselves to the same standard of excellence as Canine Companions for Independence. We greatly appreciate Publix Super Markets’ generosity and compassionate service towards employees, customers and partners.

Canine Companions puppy Bogo sitting next to two shopping bagsAs the leader in the assistance dog industry, we maintain our level of excellence by conducting ourselves with professionalism in pursuit of the highest standards.

Bogo and his puppy raiser are committed to these values by being strong ambassadors for our program while out in the community, and by building a strong foundation for Bogo’s future as an assistance dog. Now that he is older, he is learning new commands and is being exposed to more sights, sounds and smells. This is vital to his socialization and will ensure he’s ready for what his future has in store.

Learn more about giving back to your community and becoming a Canine Companions puppy raiser.

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