It’s been a busy month for Wes, full of puppy antics and socialization. At 4 months old, Wes had an important introduction to make – to the very people who helped select his name! He did a lot of socializing and working on commands to make his big debut at the Littler Executive Employer conference in Phoenix, Arizona. While one day Wes will hopefully have a full-time job as a Canine Companions® assistance dog, his job on May 9 was to look pretty and be a very good boy. He was a roaring success on both counts!

Wes’ volunteer puppy raiser knew this was going to be a large event for a pup who is curious and active. Fortunately, she was able to help Wes be ready to shine on the big stage by visiting the venue for dress rehearsal. Of course, he also had some snuggle time with the emcees while music was playing.

After the main event concluded, many of the attendees from Canine Companions’ partner Littler stopped by to meet Wes. This was a special time for both Wes and his new friends.

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Daily life

In his daily life, Wes has been working on commands and exploring new things. A trip to puppy class in the park is full of new experiences, including walking on strange surfaces like bark and sand, and watching lots of children playing. At home, Wes likes to play in the kiddie pool, chase a floating squirrel toy and race through his new agility tunnel.

“Wes loves to respond to the ‘here’ command,” says his puppy raiser. “He runs with such enthusiasm, then sits. Sometimes he almost topples over because he runs so fast! It just makes my day and always puts a big smile on my face.”

All of the cumulative experiences, commands and puppy classes help Wes as he grows into a well-mannered Canine Companions future assistance dog.

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