Visiting the happiest place on earth®

While Northern California was still cold and rainy, Zari and her volunteer puppy raiser headed down to Southern California for a trip to Disneyland®! Zari and her bud, Canine Companions puppy Dern, had a great time with their puppy raisers at the happiest place on earth while meeting many new friends.

With blue skies above, the foursome began their Disney adventure. While the pups aren’t able to go on rides, they can still enjoy the sights and sounds of the park. Amusement parks, like Disneyland, offer great socialization opportunities as well as opportunities to practice commands in a distracting environment. That said, visiting parks like this isn’t meant for every Canine Companions puppy and should always be discussed prior to the trip.

Resisting temptation

The pups navigated through large crowds with their puppy raisers in a “let’s go,” meaning they walk nicely next to their handler, ignoring “ooh”s and “ahh”s from adoring patrons. They also ignored the occasional piece of popcorn on the ground, as well as tons of amazing looking (and smelling) treats in the hands of kids, just at their eye level. Next it was time to meet some new friends.

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Meeting new friends

Introducing Canine Companions puppies to novel stimuli is an important part of the socialization process. Sometimes people wearing strange clothing, hats and costumes can cause anxiety or fear for a puppy who hasn’t encountered them before. Disneyland provides a wonderful opportunity to expose a puppy to people in costumes and to large characters, and Zari and Dern met a ton of them. Alice from Alice and Wonderland was thrilled to meet the pups and even posed for a photo with Zari. When it came to a big character, Zari felt right at home with Pluto! She sniffed him with a wagging tail, excited to meet a new friend. The dogs weren’t even nervous meeting Cruella di Vil!

At Disneyland, Zari and Dern’s puppy raisers made sure they were given plenty of breaks, naps and water. This helped to ensured a positive experience for them. Canine Companions graduates may attend large sporting events, concerts or make the occasional trip to an amusement park, so it’s important that puppies are able to remain calm and focused, even when in large crowds with exciting sights, sounds and smells all around.

Sharing the Canine Companions mission

Zari and Dern had a great time, and were wonderful ambassadors for Canine Companions. Their puppy raisers were ready to tell everyone they met about the Canine Companions mission.

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