Hittin’ the Road for Canine Companions


The Bochers with their back tires in the Pacific Ocean

After turning in a second puppy for Canine Companions, volunteer puppy raisers Barb and Bill Bochner decided to take a little cycling trip. Well, okay, maybe not so little. They are cycling across the United States!

Bochners 8Follow Barb and Bill Bochner, aka the Pedaling Puppy Raisers, on their trip across the country to raise money and awareness for Canine Companions’ Wounded Veterans Initiative! Barb and Bill started in Anacortes, Washington at the end of May. They’ve traveled over 700 miles so far, braving mountain passes, bear reports and big rigs. They’ll be cycling all the way to Bar Harbor, Maine, which they should reach by September. View their blog and donate here.Bochners 7

Bill says, “After over 30 years of talking about this trip and months of preparation, we’re finally heading out. We’ll see you on the road.”

Live along the route? Leave a message on Barb and Bill’s blog, and then rally some friends to cheer for the Pedaling Puppy Raisers during their long trip!

Good luck Barb and Bill. Thank you for your efforts and dedication!

Bochners 2

Learn more about being a volunteer puppy raiser.

Learn more about our Wounded Veterans Initiative. 

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