An E Litter Reunion at our North Central Graduation

elitter_blogOn November 8, 2013, Canine Companions celebrated Team Training graduations at all 5 of our regional training facilities. It was especially wonderful at our North Central Training Center graduation as 4 of the E Litter pups were in attendance to watch and celebrate as the graduates accepted the leash of their new assistance dogs.

Euka, Emma, Ella, and Everett reunited at the Dublin Recreation Center in Dublin, Ohio along with their volunteer puppy raisers and Julie Franklin, External Relations Coordinator for Eukanuba, corporate sponsor of the E Litter. It was a great time for the E Litter pups and puppy raisers to see what will be expected of them in just a few short months.

During our graduation ceremonies, puppies who have been working on socializing and basic training with their puppy raisers are brought back to our facilities to begin 6-9 months of professional training. Once this training is complete, the dog will participate in Team Training, a rigorous two-week program where Canine Companions’ highly-trained assistance dogs are partnered with a child or adult with a disability or a person who will use the dog to help people with disabilities. Both human and canine are trained to work together as a team. In total, we had 56 graduates between our 5 centers at our November graduation. What a joy to celebrate this success!

We’ve got big plans for these E Litter pups, and they are all working so hard to be the very best they can be. Reuniting with their siblings was such fun, but working on their future goal of becoming an assistance dog is what they love best!

For more information about Canine Companions for Independence visit:

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One Response to An E Litter Reunion at our North Central Graduation

  1. Helen Williams says:

    Beautiful pups—I am sure they will be super successful!

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