Canine Companions selected for Cooper’s UX Boot Camp

CooperCanine Companions is thrilled to announce we’ve been selected to work with the creative senior staff team of Cooper and the November class of their UX Boot Camp.

Great design, just like a great assistance dog, takes effort, finesse, knowledge, and a team of people working together to produce amazing results. Canine Companions will be featured in the 4-day training that allows nonprofits to explore a challenge they are facing that can be helped by design and technology.

Designers, project managers, and developers will collaborate and work toward the goal of creating an application that will stimulate memory and cognitive functions through digital technology to facilitate communication between veterans and their service dogs.

The participating Canine Companions staff will work with the UX Boot Camp class and share the challenges that are faced by some of our veterans with traumatic brain injury. In their efforts, the class participants will apply their experience with technology and design along with the new information they are gathering to focus on the real-world practical application for our graduate teams.

This opportunity will truly benefit Canine Companions and the veterans we have the honor to work with.

For more information on Cooper and their UX Boot Camp visit

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