Happy Birthday to the E Litter

This past Saturday, the E Litter celebrated their first birthday – what a joy! Special doggie treats, party hats, trips to the beach, and tosses with a favorite toy were just some of the ways their volunteer puppy raisers celebrated this special day.

These eight pups started out as little bundles of yellow, white and caramel-colored fluff balls. Now they are beautiful dogs working toward their goal of becoming assistance dogs to help people with disabilities. Enjoy these photos that show just how much they have grown!

(In order of birth)


Emma, first born and adorable


Everett, strong and handsome


Ella, such sweetness


Elmo, a mellow pup


Euka, the “go-get-’em” girl


Emily, 56 pounds of love


Ethan, such a fine friend


Eliza, #8 is great!

Thank you for following the E Litter’s Journey to the Extraordinary!

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8 Responses to Happy Birthday to the E Litter

  1. Thanks to the puppy raisers who take care of these dogs. What a great thing to do!

  2. Lisa says:

    How adorable to see before & current photos! Thank you to the volunteers who lovingly take care and get them ready!

  3. Hats off to all the puppy raisers and puppies! Lots of hard work and love from both. And belly rubs for all those puppies.

  4. Jamie McGraw says:

    My daughter Katie is on the waiting list for a skilled companion, and I had a dream last night Elmo came home to Montana with us… 🙂 I think he would like it here.

    • Diesta gundacker says:

      I am Elmo’s puppy raiser and we are in Florida. I’m sure he would love Katie and Montana, but don’t worry…she will receive THE perfect dog one day. In the meantime, if you want to visit FL, he would love to meet her:)

  5. Mariann says:

    Can’t believe they are a year old now time sure flys they are all so adorable thank u for sharing their lives with all of us

  6. Zobie says:

    Thanks for sharing I always think about them and remember the videos. Happy Birthday “E” litter. Handsome and gorgeous babies you have grown up to be!

  7. Donna says:

    Are any of the pups in the North East?

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