Co-raising “E” Litter pup Emily


Emily with her co-raisers

Did you know that “E” litter pup, Emily, is being raised by two families?? It’s true; she is being “co-raised”. That is to say, she is living with, being trained by, and getting raised at two different homes. This is wonderful for Emily as she will get to experience two different “worlds” for her socialization training.


Emily at her first basketball game.

In one home, the co-raiser has three children for Emily to play soccer with, cheer on at basketball games, and pick up from school. You will find her in meetings, the office, and the grocery store. With her other co-raiser, Emily visits the farm to meet horses, heads to the snow, plays with many canine friends, and takes great adventures representing Canine Companions for Independence. She even got to walk in our fashion show Haute Dog | SF this past February.


Emily on the farm.

Through co-raising, Emily receives her training from two different handlers. Co-raiser Erin says, “I think it’s great that we both handle her. Although our commands are the same, it’s nice that she is used to different handling techniques. Everyone handles dogs differently and I think this will make transitions easier for her when it comes to professional training and ultimately, when she is hopefully placed with someone with a disability.”


Emily at the office with her best friend Marie. (Emily is in front.)

Co-raising is a wonderful option for folks who want to raise a puppy without the commitment of doing it full-time or if they are first-time puppy raisers. Dani, Emily’s other co-raiser, says, “Since Erin has already been a puppy raiser, she has a ton of experience that she can share with me. It’s great co-raising with someone who has been through it before. We share the cost, the training, the responsibility, and the fun!”


Emily, the spring flower!

Emily is such a lucky pup! Erin says, “She has so many people who love her and she is exposed to so many different environments and experiences. She has two families; it’s double the love!!”

Are you interested in puppy raising or co-raising? Visit: for more information.

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3 Responses to Co-raising “E” Litter pup Emily

  1. Jan says:

    Still love you Emily! Good to see you are doing well …

  2. mac williams says:

    Love u lots, Emily!! You are such a pretty girl, and it is so nice to hear such good things about you. The EPW’s will never get tired of the updates on our “babies”. Godspeed, Emily, xoxoxofrom Daisy&me

  3. ssgt leslie says:

    emily your so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful families, enjoy your time, have fun learning and experiences.

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