Following the “E” Litter – The Journey to Extraordinary Continues

The “E” Litter sure has been a busy group of pups. Almost two weeks ago, they were brought to our Jean and Charles Schulz Campus to prepare for the next step in their journey – being placed with their puppy raisers. But before that adventure could start, there was much to be done. To begin with…

…Puppy Turn In: The breader-caretaker (aka Magic Hands) delivered the pups to our campus. They were greeted by staff and allowed to socialize in the puppy park. These pups felt right at home on the slide and saucers. Then on to…

…the Vet Clinic: The puppies were taken to our vet clinic and given check ups and vaccinations to ensure they were healthy and ready to travel. Once given the a-okay, they headed to…


…the Photo Shoot: With such cute and fabulous faces, these puppies were the perfect models. Their little pot bellies and happy tails make for a very sweet shot. It was now time to prepare for their cameo appearance at Canine Companions National Graduation the following day. You know what that means…


…Bath Time: Suds and bubbles and puppies. The “E” Litter was squeaky clean and dried in no time. Our wonderful volunteer puppy washers take such care to ensure the puppies don’t catch a chill. Hooray for volunteers! After a good night’s sleep, the puppies were off to…

…Graduation Day: As the Eukanuba-sponsored “E” Litter, the puppies were at our National Graduation to be part of the presentation of a $100,000 check by our “Angel Investor.” Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka, Emily, Ethan, and Eliza made their first public debut and were superstars!

What’s next for these pups?? The “E” Litter traveled to different parts of the country to be cared for by puppy raisers for the next 15-18 months. The Journey continues…stay tuned.

Are you interested in becoming a puppy raiser? Making a donation? Becoming a Volunteer? We would love to hear from you. Thank you for following the “E” Litter and your continued support to Canine Companions for Independence.

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7 Responses to Following the “E” Litter – The Journey to Extraordinary Continues

  1. Tracey says:

    We have loved every minute of watching these sweet babies get to this point. I know they will do wonderful work for the folks who need them!! Go “E” litter!!

  2. Melody VanPelt says:

    Thank you for this update. I have truly missed watching them on LiveStream and this made mre smile and warmed my heart again. God Bless all of you.

  3. Maridawn Randle says:

    Thank you for the update, have really enjoyed watching them grow and how super sweet they have been, many thank you’s to “Magic Hands”, who took such great care of the E litter and the livestream family. E litter are going to make such great CCI once their training is completed.

    • Mary D says:

      After watching the E litter, I realized why my beloved Hyson, a CCI release dog who was released at puppy-turn-in time due to an overbite, has never been fazed by fireworks–even M80’s close up (I jumped several times farther than Hyson!)–or by the teeter-totter in his Agility class. I didn’t realize that the breeder-caretakers include both those items in the socializing process! Because of the overbite, Hyson won’t pick things up or retrieve, so he would never have made it through training.

      I hope that everyone realizes that not all these dogs “make it” as CCI service dogs, but those that are released often go on to equally important “second careers” such as therapy, search and rescue or (as in Hyson’s case) much loved companion dogs who enrich many lives. Just as an example, I’ve used Hyson to demonstrate training techniques and to teach young children how to approach a strange dog at a number of different gatherings. The training and loving care is never wasted!

  4. todd78 says:

    I am waiting for a companion dog and watching these beautiful creations grow and thrive gives me great hope that one of these special gifts may possibly end up in my home… amazing

  5. Thank you for sharing the E litter’s beginning journey with us puppy watchers. It has touched me so much watching these adorable furry pup’s grow. I know they are so special. I wish each and every one has a wonderful long happy life.

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