Canine Heroes

Canine Companions Hero Dog

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Service Dog Zurich is a hero to his partner Patti. Zurich is being recognized by the Hero Dog Awards, and is one of eight finalists vying for the title Hero Dog. Chosen from over 450 dogs from each state, Zurich is now in the home stretch for the big award. Thanks to everyone that voted each day for all the Canine Companions dogs in the online contest. You can still help by voting for Zurich each day at, until September 30th. Then watch the big red-carpet awards event in November on the Hallmark Channel. Check out what the TODAY Show had to say about Zurich and the other nominated dogs.

Another Canine Companions hero dog is Service Dog Emma, helping her partner Rich by doing something she’s not trained to do. A must-watch video of what happened on CBS, it will sure make you proud to be a Canine Companions supporter.

At Canine Companions, we hear hero stories everyday from our graduates. Many of these stories include the simpler things in life that we may take for granted – reaching the dropped cell phone under the bed, finding the keys that fell in the grass. Even providing the independence needed to go out in public.

What’s your canine hero story?

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3 Responses to Canine Heroes

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