As we celebrate our country’s independence this July 4th with picnics and fireworks, Canine Companions for Independence also celebrates independence. The independence an assistance dog provides a person with a disability, and the date of our founding, as July 4th will mark Canine Companions 36th birthday.

We’re especially proud to provide our trained assistance dogs to the many wounded veterans that have served our country. We have many great stories of how Canine Companions assistance dogs have helped their veteran partners. And know we’re thrilled to have one more, a new video “One Team, Two Heroes” featuring some of our graduate teams and supporters. We hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to the stars of our new video, and an extra special thanks to the production team at DG Entertainment for this wonderful creation.

Do you know a wounded or disabled veteran that could benefit from an assistance dog? If so, share our new video with them.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

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2 Responses to Independence

  1. Dawn Ramsey says:

    You can also check your region for a Canine Companions Salutes Indpendence and have them attend the event. If your in Oklahoma there is a Salute at Ft Sill’s Patriot Club on Sept 24th. The public is also invited.

  2. Service Oriented says:

    This is a beautiful reminder, on many levels, of what independence means 🙂 I’ve encouraged others to read your post on my blog.

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